Special Offer - $3.99/Graft after 1st 1000. First 1000 grafts at $6/graft
Robotic Hair Transplantation

Lower price by a hair specialist and board certified dermatologist

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Robotic Hair

The ARTAS® Robotic Hair Transplant gives you fuller, younger-looking hair while eliminating the drawbacks typically associated with older transplant methods.

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Special Offer - $3.99/Graft after 1st 1000. First 1000 grafts at $6/graft

The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method utilizing the NeoGraft™ Automated Hair Transplantation device removes individual hair follicles from the scalp in their naturally occurring groupings.

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Voted Top Hair Transplant Doctor

Lower price by a hair specialist and board certified dermatologist

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Special Offer - $3.99/Graft after 1st 1000. First 1000 grafts at $6/graft

Providing the Best Hair Transplantation in Chicago

Dr. Anil R Shah MD FACS and Dr. Sameea Chughtai are board-certified physicians combining their talents to create a unique hair restoration process. Dr. Shah was trained by leaders in the study of hair. He is the only hair transplant surgeon in Chicago who is board certified by the AAFPRS and uses the Artas robotic system. He is an artist and uses his artistic eye and board certified training to give you the absolute best results. Dr. Sameea Chughtai specializes in female hair loss and medical hair loss as well as newer techniques involving regenerative medicine. Her expertise combined with Dr. Shah's knowledge of facial anatomy lead to a unique hair transplant team. Follicular unit extraction (FUE) and transplantation have revolutionized hair restoration. Using the Artas robotic device, we can create a very natural looking hairline or beard or eyebrow or eyelashes. Our newest technology and years of experience make us the best choice for your hair!

Welcome! We have a state of the art practice ready to serve you

We are situated on Michigan Avenue in Water Tower;. We believe in honesty, friendliness, latest technology and skilled hands.

What drives our Chicago practice, quite simply, is excellence. We strive to have all of our patients be satisfied with their hair transplant results and try very hard to match the realistic expectations of our patients with what we can realistically achieve.

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Why Choose Dr. Shah and Dr. Chughtai at Aesthetic Scalp?

Because they combine the best of surgery and regenerative medicine to lead to the best in hair restoration.

Why have 1 doctor when you can have two?  We work with the latest technologies to help patients, both male and female understand and improve their hair loss.   For hair loss, your condition can be reviewed to understand if their are any other causes of hair loss including medical causes.  While the majority of male pattern baldness is related to androgenic alopecia, there are other factors which can contribute to hair loss.  For this reason, products like Propecia are not universally effective.

Dr. Shah and Dr. Chughtai utilize the latest in medical treatments including regenerative medicine, biologics and other therapies in conjunction with the latest in surgical innovation such as robotic hair transplantation to help patients improve their hair.  Dr. Sameea Chughtai is an expert and award winning physician on regenerative medicine, women’s health, and  myriad of medical conditions which can contribute or exacerbate hair loss.  Dr. Anil Shah is an award winning facial plastic surgeon whose expertise lies in technical expertise and design of hair pattern and hair placement.  They combine their expertise to create a unique hair replacement experience.


Welcome to Aesthetic Scalp Chicago, the premier hair transplant physicians and experience for patients.  At Aesthetic Scalp Chicago, we combine the latest in hair transplant technology including robotic hair transplantation (Artas robotic hair transplantation) with the latest in regenerative medicine to help improve the hair loss experience and minimize downtime and scarring.  We view both components to be vital to hair yield.  Hair yield is the amount of hair that is removed from one location that grows in another location.


We chose Artas robotic hair transplantation because it is the best technology currently available in the world at harvesting hair.  The Artas robot when properly set up and utilized has one of the highest yield out of any FUE technique available.  FUE techniques which use handheld drills rely on user expertise.  These techniques while valuable will often lead to hair yields between 50% and 90% in expert hands.  The reason for this is that even with loop magnification the bulb of the hair (the vital portion of hair to be harvested) can not be seen and must be estimated.  The other factor is that technicians must then remove hair without damaging the hair over a period of time and be exactly consistent.  The Artas robot never gets tired and can find the hair bulb more accurately than the human eye!!  The result for you the patient is the highest yield we have found out of any device.  There is a simple reason why many facilities do not use Artas robotic hair transplantation–cost.  The latest technology costs money but it is worth it for you as the patient if your results will be improved.


We also use many of the principles of regenerative medicine and integrative medicine to help improve hair yield.  If you implant hair into a dry scalp bed, your hair survival rate will likely be lower.  Why not fertilize the scalp bed prior to hair transplant?  Most facilities do not use any other supplements to help with hair loss.  We utilize the latest in supplements due to the incorporation of our medical hair loss expert Dr. Sameaa Shah an expert in the function and physiology of the body.  While other facilities will tout the use of PRP which has been shown to have some improvement in hair yield, we offer many other biologic and regenerative solutions as other options.  PRP is the use of platelet rich plasma to improve yield.  PRP involves spinning blood, separating the platelets and theoretically making the scalp bed more inviting for hair.  We have found other products to be just as effective if not more.  These include the use of growth factors and other principles of regenerative medicine to help improve the tissue bed and in our experience help patients grow hair.

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Frequently Asked Hair Surgery Questions


Donor hairs come from areas that are genetically not affected by male pattern alopecia. Therefore your donor count depends on your genetics. Each square inch of average donor area has about 200 hairs.


Look at the male in your immediate family with the most amount of hair loss. That is the worst you can get! If this hair loss is where you are now, then considering hair transplantation is reasonable.


Hair texture is determined by the amino acid makeup of your hair. This is determined genetically. There is no surgery that can change hair texture. However, some medications can change the texture of hair.


This is a great question. However, you need to know the exact method your surgeon will use for harvesting the hairs. With our method the harvest area is presentable in 6-7 days.


The hair transplanted will act like the other hairs on the back of the scalp. Therefore if you keep the hair on the sides and back of the scalp, then chances are the transplants should be resistant to loss.


Alopecia areata (aa) is an autoimmune disease where ones own immune system attacks the hair follicles and at times the nails. Treatment needs to be done by a dermatologist adept in hair loss.

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