Indian Hair Loss

Indian Hair Loss

Dr. Shah, who is of Indian descent understands the complexity of the Indian hair follicles. The most common hair donation is from south indian virgin hair due to its prized thickness and caliber of hair. Specifically using virgin hair because before children the hair follicles have not undergone any trauma such as childbirth. The straight and wave dynamic of the Indian hair requires precise placement.  

Do Indians have a high incidence of hair loss?  

Indians have a higher incidence of hair loss than Asians from other areas including East Asians such as Chinese and Japanese patients.  

Can I travel to India or Turkey to have my procedure done?

Yes, however there are several barriers.  I have many patients and acquaintances who have travelled abroad seeking a lower cost.  Many of these patients have been left with poor graft takes, outdated technology, and poor and permanent damage.  Many wondered if the procedure actually did anything.  Typically hair transplantation will cost around $3000 to $5000 abroad.  While this may sound enticing, often times with travel expenses including plane tickets and care will add another $1600 to $4000 to the cost of the ticket.  Spending a little more on a better result is always worth it!