Cost of Hair Transplantation


The current price special is $6 per graft using the Artas or NeoGraft. For eyebrows and eyelashes, the cost is $3,500

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My passion with hair loss and hair replacement goes back to the mid 1990s, when I started losing my own hair. I was completing an MD,PhD program, and I did a little side research on hair loss. At this point, Rogain was a prescription drug and Propecia (which blocks 5 alpha reductase) was just making it on the market. I looked at the 5 alpha reductase gene and picked a sensitive area in the front end of the gene (the promoter) and designed a complementary oligonucleotide (oligo) that would bind that RNA made from this gene and prevent any 5 alpha reductase from being made. The oligo was small enough to penetrate skin. I was my own guinea pig and had unsatisfactory results. But that’s where my passion for hair started. I started using Rogain and oral Propecia. I trained in dermatology under one of the greatest experts on hair, Dr. Virginia Fiedler, who invented 5% Rogain. From there I trained further with others on the surgical aspects of hair transplantation, and I have been doing different forms of hair transplantation for over 13 years. Now, with robotic and pneumatic/automated techniques, I feel a new era has begun. A few differences between other hair replacement locations and I include: I do not defer to a technician to do the work. I do the follicular unit extraction (FUE) and follicular unit placement (FUP) and my technicians only help me do it; Secondly, I am trained in the medical causes of hair loss. Too often I see patients undergoing surgery before making the scalp healthy. I investigate internal causes of hair loss and work closely with your diet. An unhealthy or rashy scalp will not grow transplanted hair as well; third, I am a private practitioner and not a traveling surgeon, like you see in the national chains. You will have my personal cell phone and have full access to me and not a nurse or assistant. I would be honored to meet with you in a consultation and discuss your concerns.